Work process

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For me, purchasing is a structured process: technical and functional specification, selection, negotiation, contracting, progress monitoring, delivery and aftercare. The quality of the purchasing result improves by meticulously following this process.

“The quantitatively and qualitatively desired product at the right time at the agreed location… within the budget.”

I optimize your supply chain and make sure you save on outsourcing. Thanks to flexibility and thorough knowledge of the purchasing process, I respond adequately to signals from the market and from clients. For many companies, this is of strategic importance.

Met MV Procurement, global sourcing & contracting, you stand strong, worldwide!


For me, the technical and functional specification of the customer is the starting document and the guideline in the purchasing process. The functional specification describes the operation of a product, the possibilities and applications. The technical specification contains the criteria that a product must meet, such as material requirements, quality, safety, dimensions, packaging, etc. The products supplied by a (sub)contractor must meet all requirements stated in the specifications.


I select (sub)contractors able to deliver the requested products at the best price and quality and within the desired delivery time, in accordance with the functional and technical specifications. Based on a long list, a tailor-made questionnaire and a supplier matrix, I advise you which supplier performs best.

Contracting or ordering

When the (sub)contractor has been chosen, I supervise the final negotiations and the preparation of the purchase contract or (sub)contract. It defines all agreed commercial conditions, specifications and obligations. This document is signed by both parties and is binding for the execution of the work or project.


During the implementation of the project I support the progress control. It is crucial for you as a customer to know that the right processes are followed in the production phase and that the certified quality systems are in place. Other audits are also possible. Think of a tailor-made audit in which you determine which specific criteria must be tested. A sustainability audit where the main focus is on issues such as chemicals, packaging, CO2 emissions and collection and the environment.


A project is only completed when all obligations have been met. Completing the documents (as-built documents) to release for example the last payments, often takes an undesirably long time. I will take action to have this concluded out to and included the last dot on the i.